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It's hard to imagine a more rewarding job
Chartwells Inependent

Everything I do is about helping pupils to develop, learn and perform at their very best. That's because I'm part of a team that supports the highest quality education with the highest quality food.

It all starts with enjoyment - great tasting, healthy food that pupils look forward to and really love.

But just as important, I help to make sure that we support and enhance the whole learning process.
We do that by championing the all-important role of nutrition and healthy eating in developing both body and mind.

My company was the first to bring an outsourced catering service to independent schools. We work hard to understand and share the ethos of every school we support, and to become part of its culture. We treat every pupil as an important individual.

We're with you and your pupils at every stage - from pre-school all the way through to when they're ready to make their own way in the world.

We've proved our ability to transform the quality of catering, even in difficult situations, by winning hearts and minds. We've helped schools and colleges to enhance their reputation. And we've helped them raise extra new revenue through hospitality, lets and events.

So who am I? I'm the head chef at one of the schools where the catering is looked after by Chartwells Independent. And as you might have guessed,
I love my job.


Age 4
Everything is new

What a wonderful age this is. There's so much to explore and discover. We see new pupils coming
to school for the first time - so proud, nervous and
excited, all at the same time. They have to get used
to a completely new routine, and learn what's expected of them.

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Age 8
Discovering the person inside

It's a big change. Instead of being one of the largest, you're suddenly the smallest again. But it's such an exciting time too, as pupils start to find out what
they particularly like and make new friends.
Growth spurts can come along pretty quickly too.

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Age 11
Energy to play and perform

It's great when teachers tell us how good,
enjoyable food helps pupils to concentrate,
pay attention and study for exams.

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Age 17
Standing on the edge

The exams are over. The grades are secured.
University places or adventurous gap years are just
weeks away. We share your sense of pride when we see how pupils have grown into confident, rounded individuals, standing on the edge of being ready to make their own way in the world.

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